To offer pioneer products as concerns innovation and design and the highest quality service to meet the needs and demands of the architecture and interior design sectors.               


The skills and perseverance you need to make granite/marble business successful cannot be acquired just by studying the market or training. It needs years of indulgence in the core of the stone industry; the “core” refers to the mining operations. One can learn handling the slab but quality expertise can take years. KIVA STONE has that years of experience with mining, processing & distribution.                  


Casati Ceramica has open access to +100 quarries to provide unstoppable supply of most exotic colors of granite, marble and onyx. We have our own processing facilities in Italy, China, India, Turkey & Brazil. So supply is never an issue. 
continue innovating to offer high range architectural solutions that stand out and place Casati as the leading brand in the tile sector globally


 Seriousness, commitment and honesty are the pillars of the business policy that has been undertaken by TheSize in each area of operation.

The art of    fascination

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